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Lights Out Snaring's new kill spring setting pliers.

Coiled support wires

 Lights Out Snaring's tried and true anchor wires are machine coiled to provide precision coils allowing for the cable to be wound through the coils making this your anchor and swivel all in one. This makes for fast setting and resetting. These quality wires come in 3 lengths 12", 40”, 58". 12" wire can be easy shipped and extra wire added to its length with the use of a 1/8 double ferrell. the extra wire on tip of coil can be turned to use a collar support if you choose too. They are  fast and furious for any serious trapper. Recommended for use with our Lights Out Snaring brand springs and triggers and our 42” long snare made for these wires. Check store for details. These work great for anchoring conibear style traps as well.  More images of  coiled support wires in gallery.

Our  NEW  Signature Series combo

Here is a picture of our A1 magnum combo and our much larger Signature Series combo. Side by side you can see the difference in spring arm lengths with up to 4” of cable pull on a stainless steel spring. These springs where designed to help compensate for camlock slippage and also to aid in the quick dispatching of our target animals. Excellent for coyote and wolves. Recommend for use with 5/64” and larger cable. Each spring comes with our patient pending trigger design which allows for easy setting and consistent trigger releases. 

Our 5/64 lock on the left and Our 3/32 lock on the right

Our new modified camlocks came about do to the inconsistent holding of a straight tooth camlock. I find that in most cases the teeth need to slide on the cable enough times for the teeth to become gummed up and then they will lock onto the cable. This slipping now takes away from the effectiveness of the springs.

With our camlock teeth they are put on the camlock in such a way that they actually grab between the cable braid and will hold instantly thus. The harder the pull the tighter the snare becomes. In conjunction with the way we thread our cable and the outstanding performance of our kill springs. These snares will speak for themselves.

I believe that the back bone to a great snare is superior products and if you try ours you will be convinced we are on the right track to great key snare making components.

Please pay close attention to the way we run our snare cable through the components its vital to the efficiency of the snares!!!

In the left picture if you follow the cable you will see we go through the camlock then come around and up through the breakaway puting the spring on what we call the RIGHT side of the camlock lever. Now when the camlock comes tight and the spring releases this puts positive pressure of up to 50lbs with our A1 spring on the RIGHT side of the camlock lever forcing the camlock to stay closed. When assembled so the spring is on the left side of the lever this will cause the spring to hold the lever open if the snare is being pulled on by your captured animal thus  pumping open the snare unless entanglement comes into play. This is why we fell it to be very important to run the cable the way it is shown in the picture above to make your snares more effective and deadly. 

In the first picture you can see the two different sized holes one standard and the other is our larger hole designed for free movement of the breakaway causing less hangups and broken breakaways caused from the binding of the smaller holes. The right hand picture is of our camlock teeth again.

Keflocks 1/16"and the new 5/64" 

We have had great success with our modified camlocks pictured above on the wolves but I'm finding that we are still getting some slip on the coyotes, do to the locks plugging with hair. So I  went back to the drawing board last year to continue my search for a consistent lock with the coyotes I have confidently settled with the Keflock, I have them being made by the manufacturer for 5/64" cable as well. That is how confident I am with there performance. They take a breakaway and when they come down they lock and lock solid and with the combination of these locks and our kill springs we are killing coyotes like cats is what customers are saying.  keflock pictured to the right with a Sullivan 280lb baw.

Snare assembled below with the keflock, 280 baw and our A1 spring combo. You will notice the bend in the cable through the breakaway, this bend is over bent and should be straightened out so that the single stop is pointing more towards my fingers. This being over bent will not allow the spring to take up slack it will only hinder it from doing so. Just wanted to show it so you could see it!!!!


​Assembly required of spring and trigger w/ product 1,2,  MSRP ,

 All prices subject to 5% GST and Shipping/Handling

To place an order please email product numbers to [email protected] or call (403)578-​8267 to place order over phone. 

We look forward to hearing from you!!!